preparing the next generation of global LEADERS

Kids N Culture provides a hands on educational program for all of our students. Once selected for our program, the students’ immersion begins. We create a custom curriculum to educate our students in the history, culture, language, politics and economics of a particular country or region. We use the city as our classroom, academic leaders as our teachers, and let curiosity drive the discussion.

We also create a safe space for students to talk about their view of their culture, and how that connects to the American identity. Stereotypes form and prejudices exist, but these realities make it all the more important to discuss them. We want students to feel proud of who they are and grow from sharing that experience within a diverse group.


Program structure includes:

  • Bi-weekly group meetings leading up to the study tour

  • A weekend retreat for team building before departure

  • 8-10 day study tour abroad with one of our travel partners

  • Two post-trip meetings to build community action projects


“We are all proud of who we are, and this is a place to share that with kids from all over. We love to learn and we all know we have more to learn, and that makes us all the same. These are my friends. I am a Christian, and she is a Muslim and she is my best friend.”
— Mya W.