To be considered for a Student Ambassador, applicants must:

  • NYC Resident: Live in the greater NYC area and must be able to commute to curriculum meetings held in manhattan

  • Active Student: Be a public or charter school student in 10th-12th grade during their year of application

  • Passing GPA: Have a stable and passing Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • Attendance Commitment: Must attend all scheduled program events, including curriculum sessions hosted before the tour


Students can complete applications directly on the Kids N Culture website. There are three primary sections of the application which are outlined in more detail below. Please note that applications cannot be saved, so be sure to have all of your information ready before you submit. If you have any questions about the application process please feel free to reach out to us at

Student Information

Students will need to submit information including their legal name, address, birth date, high school information and contact details.

Essay Questions

Students will need to provide responses to the 4 essay questions provided below. Each question should be answered separately and a minimum of 250 words. A word doc or pdf of your responses must be uploaded when you complete your application.

  1. Share with us a little about your own culture and upbringing. This doesn’t have to be limited by ethnicity or geography, but should give us insight to who you are and how you define “culture.”

  2. In your own words, tell us what you think of when you hear the word “borders?” What are the positive or negative feelings you have toward the word?

  3. Describe an obstacle that you have overcome. How did you tackle this problem? In what ways do you wish you were more prepared?

  4. Respond to this statement: “The world is too unstable to travel. You can learn about other places from a book. What could you possibly learn at this age by leaving the county?”

Guardian Consent

A legal guardian must provide consent in order for you to apply to a Kids N Culture program. Have your guardian with you as you complete the application so they can provide contact information and a digital signature.