James Walter Doyle is the co-founder of Kids N Culture. As a high school English teacher, Walter created the program in 2008 while having lunch with his 12th grade students in his makeshift supply closet, turned classroom. Intended as a solution for his students who had never left the NYC area, Walter introduced them to a Streetcar Named Desire and started looking for funding opportunities to bring them to New Orleans. That one trip changed everything - he witnessed firsthand the power of experiential learning, and his students potential was untapped. He has participated in every tour since it’s creation, and has had the fortunate opportunity to watch his alum take on the world. The program has been widely recognized for it’s success, most notably in GQ magazine where Walter was named one of the magazines five “Men of the Year” at the GQ Gentleman's Ball.



Jamie Daigle is the co-founder of Kids N Culture and leads Marketing and Operations efforts for the organization. He is an avid traveler and has taken Kids N Culture students on tours throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. In addition to his contributions to Kids N Culture, Jamie works in the marketing industry in NYC and has had the opportunity to share his journey with students as a mentor. He has always been passionate about creating a level playing field for the youth in our country and has dedicated himself to ensuring we bring the Kids N Culture experience to as many students as possible. Jamie has played a key role in the growth and expansion of our program and hopes to inspire a generation of more globally active students.


LucyRose Moller

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LucyRose leads pre and on-trip curriculum for Kids N Culture. She brings with her 5+years of experience as an operations wiz, program developer, and relationship manager in the education non-profit space. Her first time on a plane, and out of the country, was as a freshman in college. She sees travel as an opportunity to explore the self and to tell stories that transcend divisions and bring people together. She's excited to support intentional travel for high school students as a means of discovering themselves and building an inclusive worldview.


Barbara Cvenic leads our student curriculum and is one example of how travel and experiential learning can shape a student’s life. Her first interaction with Kids N Culture came in 2009 as a high school senior and student member of the Korea tour, thanks to the Korea Society and Project Bridge. That trip not only ignited her passion for travel, cross-cultural exchange, and human rights, but allowed her to explore her own identity as an immigrant. In college, she embodied the Kids N Culture program and became a champion for various human and civil rights issues in her community, working to raise awareness and create change with grassroots campaigning. She went on to spend 6 months working with refugee and migrant youth on the Thai-Burma border, and continued working with refugee youth in New York City with the International Rescue Committee.


Matthew Poveromo


Matthew Poveromo joined the Kids N Culture team in 2015 as a Manager of Marketing and Operations, overseeing all business affairs efforts. With a mother and grandmother who both taught for years in New York State, education has always been a subject near and dear to him.