Kids N Culture is an academic enrichment program designed for high school students. Our goal is to cultivate future professional and community leaders through a culturally rich curriculum, professional mentoring, and the opportunity to travel for the first time on a fully subsidized international study tour with one of our travel partners.

This experiential form of learning is the most priceless resource we can offer this generation, but has never been a reality for our low-income students until now. Since it’s creation, Kids N Culture has taken students to over 20 countries - with a 100% high school graduation success rate and a 95% matriculation rate into 4-year colleges, our alumni have gone on to study international relations, global finance, and international health - many attribute their drive for success to having the opportunity to see a world outside of their own.

Once selected, participants meet regularly for educational workshops that focus on language, history, cultural norms and beliefs, finance, and the liberal arts of a specific country. The curriculum and expectations of students are monitored by our staff and team of mentors. The highlight of the program is a fully-subsidized educational tour of the country they have been studying, and their personal experiences are captured in the final vignettes and community service projects they complete upon their return.